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How to lose weight, feel wonderful and beat the Hangover this New Year

January 2, 2014 in EH Spy

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Great tips on how to lose weight and get healthy from the Ayush Wellness Spa.

Most people eat and drink far too much over the winter break, leaving them feeling bloated and worn out by January 1st. If  you are one of these people you are probably desperate to commence the new year with a renewed sense of sparkle, energy and wellbeing.

The wonderful Dr Prasanna Kerur, the chief Ayurvedic consultant at the Ayush Wellness Spa, has put together this fabulous list of tips, tricks and hints on how to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2014.

So if you want to drop those festive pounds and regain that pre-Christmas zest and vitality, read on:


  1. Losing weight naturally encompasses bringing a balanced change in one’s diet, exercise and lifestyle patterns.
  2. Start your day with “honey water” using a teaspoonful of good quality honey (like Manuka) in to half a pint of still water.
  3. Eat light with combination of raw and freshly cooked, easily digestible food. It is important to stick to regular eating pattern and avoid skipping meals.
  4. Sleep is vital to keep our biological rhythm in balance, so avoid too much or too little. It is very essential to avoid sleeping in the day as that slows down the bodies metabolism and encourages weight gain.
  5. Eat whole meal grains and lentils and avoid processed, sugary food stuff.
  6. Use healthy herbs and spices like fresh ginger, turmeric, garlic, cumin seeds and black pepper in routine cooking that have properties to reduce bad cholesterol, protect vital organs and trigger body’s metabolism.AYUSH - Hotel de France Day
  7. It is essential to keep up with regular physical exercise a variety of exercise is good such as aerobics, cycling, spinning and stretches. Natural exercise like dancing, walking, yoga and swimming are also very useful.
  8. Try to fast for a day once a fortnight to allow the bodies systems to have a rest which will help to regularise the metabolism. Simply drink sufficient water and some freshly squeezed fruit juices and honey water on the day of your fast.
  9. Reduce red meat, pork, shell fish, excess dairy products, excess wheat and alcohol and try to eat more fish.
  10. Fresh juices like wheat grass, spinach, ginger and carrot with a hint of honey also aid weight loss.
  11. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables in your daily diet and reduce excess use of potatoes, mushrooms and aubergine.
  12. Take a teaspoonful of flaxseed oil every other day.HIGH-RES-YOGA
  13. Use body brushing at least couple of times a week to enhance circulation and stimulate weight loss.
  14. Stress is a triggering factor in weight gain and learning how to recognise and cope with stress will help to improve the condition- meditation is the key!
  15. Ayurvedic herbs like Triphala containing fruits of three myrobalans Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellirica are beneficial in reducing body weight naturally. Triphala when taken with honey and water takes care of whole body gently promoting internal cleansing and regularising body metabolism allowing the person to feel pure, light and revitalised.
  16. Guggulu is another strong purifying Ayurvedic herb with lipid regulating and immune modulating properties. Guggulu is a safe natural plant extract and highly beneficial not only in reducing the excess body weight but also to lower bad cholesterol like Triglycerides and improving the HDL and LDL ratio. Guggulu’s benefits as a weight loss and fat burning agent have been well researched and documented.
  17. Ayurvedic Treatments like Udvartana, herbal powder massage, Padaghata, “pressure by foot” massage, Abhyanga, two therapist synchronised oil massage, are all very useful in losing excess body weight.



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