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Hey I’m A Wild Thing! Why Your Dog Will Love You For Feeding Him A Raw Dog Food Diet

November 18, 2013 in Eat Local & Organic

Hey I’m A Wild Thing! Why  You Dog Will Love You For Feeding Him Raw Dog Food Diet

The Honeys Wild Dog Food Mascot.. is there seconds?

The Honey’s Wild Dog Food Mascot.. is there seconds?

Just as I wouldn’t dream of eating a diet of junk, processed food, nor would I feed such non food to my treasured feline, Belle du Jour, the rescue cat.  When I first adopted my mink-grey super cat from The Cat Protection League, she came with a certain amount of baggage. She was an underweight, nervous, jumpy cat and she was troubled with constant upset stomachs.

Within a couple of weeks of talking to her with soothing words, and careful feeding on a diet of organic chicken scraps and organic cat food, rich in beneficial herbs, her digestion improved and so did her behaviour.  It was a good beginning.  However, I knew I could do more to ensure that she stayed as healthy and happy as possible. I would be disappointed if she could no longer skateboard on my antique French rug! Or tear up and down the staircase like a flying rocket. I am also very keen to avoid expensive, traumatic visits to the vet – BDJ isn’t a great traveller.


The Honey's Hamper - you can buy it for half price with the EH Offer code.

The Honey’s Raw Dog Food Diet Hamper – you can buy it for half price with the EH Offer code.

Recently I’ve been reading about the benefits of feeding dogs and cats a raw meat diet, which closely resembles the prey food they have evolved to hunt and eat in the wild.

Animals fed on a diet of raw, fresh, wild meat have glossy coats, sweet smelling breath and are generally bursting with health and vitality. The problem with just about every tinned cat food, even the most ethical and organic ones, is that the food is cooked, not raw, and contains a high percentage of grain. As our animal friends have only been hanging out with humans for around 15,000 years, they haven’t evolved sufficiently to handle such a diet. Put simply, they can’t digest a processed diet. Feeding a cats and dogs a processed diet inevitably leads to the same problems as humans, which can include anything from itching skin and digestive disorders to more serious problems such as liver and kidney disease.

By chance, I stumbled across an ad in Country Life for Honey’s Real Dog Food, a family run cottage industry based in the Cotswolds. Honey’s makes a complete raw food for dogs and cats designed by their own Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Tom Farrington, MVB MRCVs. Tom has twenty-eight years experience in veterinary medicine, is an expert on natural medicine for animals and frequently lectures on the subject. The raw food diet for dogs is made from ethically sourced free range, wild and organic meat. All the meat is sourced from British farmers. Tinned food might be very convenient for humans; but it isn’t great for our animal companions.

The Very Friendly Team of Ladies who work at Honey's Wild Dog Food.

The Very Friendly Team of Ladies who work at Honey’s Raw Dog Food.

The great thing about Honey’s that will turn me into a convert, and wean me off buying tinned cat food is that they make it very easy for you to switch. The ladies who work at Honey’s are incredibly friendly and they really love to get to know their customers and their pets.  They also offer the kind of old-fashioned service that is so hard to find. I ordered a sample hamper of raw meat delicacies to tempt my fussy feline. The hamper arrived promptly, two days later, and it comes frozen, in convenient, sausage style rolls, ready to go straight into your freezer.  All you have to do is defrost the food before it is needed. I find overnight in the fridge works brilliantly. (Also for anyone who is squeamish about the thought of handling raw meat, don’t be, it has virtually no smell at all; unlike tinned cat food, which smells disgusting).

From experience, I know you can’t just change the food your cat eats overnight. Cats are creatures of habit, and BDJ will quite happily go on hunger strike rather than tuck into a new and unfamiliar food. So it was with Honey’s. She sniffed her gourmet raw food meal, and walked away in a huff. When the food remained untouched for more than an hour, I took it away, gave her usual organic, tinned cat food and rang Honey’s for advice. The same helpful lady suggested mixing a small amount of Honey’s raw food with my cat’s usual food, and then adding a little warm, organic vegetable stock, to release some pleasant aromas, and tempt Belle tuck in.

The Honey's Selection -  BDJ's favourite is Wild Duck.

The Honey’s Raw Dog Food Selection – BDJ’s favourite is Wild Duck.

Over the course of a week, I gradually increased the amount of raw food to tinned organic cat food, and added warm stock to make it super appetising. Be prepared to persevere with a completely new diet. My cat finally took to her new diet after a week of mixing the raw meat with her usual cat food. I also discovered that much like humans, my cat love some flavours and abhors others. She adores beef, chicken and duck, but for some reason she can’t stand rabbit or game. Yesterday, she dined on wild duck with vegetables, and licked the bowl clean, which she rarely ever does. I guess that this is paws up from the most discerning, and fussiest of cats.

There’s something else. BDJ went and lolled on the French rug after her delicious meal of duck and then came up to me and nuzzled my face.  I like to think she was thanking me for not feeding her another dull meal of organic cat spam!

To talk to Honey’s Raw Dog Food and order a selection of raw food meat for your dog or cat and take advantage of our EH Special Half Price Hamper offer –  Phone  0844 656  1566  and Quote EHO1.









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