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A Dress to Break Hearts at Glastonbury and Maybe Meet Mr Darcy

June 28, 2013 in General

A Dress to Break Hearts at Glastonbury and Maybe Meet Mr Darcy

The Investment Dress to Treasure by Beautiful Soul - A London atelier, reminiscent of Biba and Ossie Clarke.

The Investment Dress to Treasure For Ever By Beautiful Soul – The London Fashion Marque to Watch – reminiscent of Biba and Ossie Clark. Buy The Emi Dress, £540, now from – www.beautiful-soul.co.uk 

The Emi Dress (Cover Picture) By Nicola Woods is the kind of dress you just buy in a heartbeat. This is a dress that manages to be demure, sexy and steal the limelight, effortlessly.  The kind of best friend you turn to again and again, when you want to make a huge impact and feel soignee and invincible.

The dress is made in silk georgette and features a vibrant poppy print in hot house shades of red and purple. The detailing is exquisite – delicate ruffles and bows, covered buttons, and a sweet front split to show off a fabulous pair of pins.

The attention to detail will have you purring with pleasure. Price, £540.00. Made in Portobello, London, England. This is an artisan fashion piece, made with love and sustainable sourcing from fabric to the atelier.

Stockists: www.beautiful-soul.co.uk     www.diguardo.co.uk Different versions of this dress are available from the featured stockists.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you are heading to Glastonbury, or indeed any other delightful, high summer festival, and you are a girl, you must be in need of a fabulous summer dress that makes heads turn, and men want to perform sudden acts of gallantry.

Let’s celebrate the F-Word – that’s a big, beautiful F for the art of being alluringly feminine. You will need a dress that is heart-stoppingly pretty, that will make your friends just a tad green, especially as it is now in the sales, and of course it is made sustainably, so that you can feel beautiful and virtuous inside and out.  In times of austerity, it is even more important to spend what money we have wisely, on clothes engineered to last. All the artisan labels  I feature here celebrate the idea of slow fashion, just like slow food. So what does that mean? It means garments that are made with extraordinary care and compassion for people and planet at every stage of the process, from the way the fabric was sourced to the lady whose life has been transformed by working at The People Tree garment factory Swallows, in Bangladesh. Elizabeth is paid a fair wage for her amazing hand embroidery skills on that dress you can’t wait to wear. Her salary pays enough money for her to send her two children to school and put food on the table.  For me that represents true luxury.

Fashion is becoming more personal, and that is a very good thing.

So The Ethical Hedonist has been most industrious, and I’ve come up with some lovely treasures – from completely stunning,  I want you now, lace reinvented, ladylike conceits – to hot house, maxis and the all important flower strewn, feminine masterpiece by one of my favourite designers to watch, Beautiful Soul London. I hope you like them wherever your summer adventures take you.

Alison Jane – Editor-in-Chief, The Ethical Hedonist, and magpie collector of luscious dresses!


Komodo’s Sunny Lace Print Dress

A Stunning Lace Print Voile Dress By Komodo.

A Stunning Lace Print Voile Dress By Komodo, Made  with Love in Kathmandu.

Komodo’s elegant, ladylike, lace print dress offers everything a dress should – drama, quirkiness and delightful prettiness.  The featured print is unusual, au courant and very striking. The flattering design places all the emphasis on the waist, and features a flattering, soft pleated, flared skirt and chic cap sleeves. The dress is 100% cotton and it is made in a Fairtrade factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. The garment is washable at 30 degrees.

Please note this dress is not made in organic cotton yet. The exciting news is that by next year it will be!

By Komodo at Natural Collection, £ 49.99 (Reduced from £69.55) Buy it Now Komodo Lace Print Dresswww.naturalcollection.com


Rayon Maxi Dress

Komodo's Delicious Rayon maxi dressing in a delicious batik silver print.

Komodo’s Goddess Drape Rayon Maxi Dress  in  stunning batik silver print.

This ravishing maxi dress by Komodo, comes in a riot of hot house primary colours, in an all over silver batik print in Rayon – one of fashion’s most alluring fabrics. Rayon was invented in Paris over 100 years ago. Here’s the clever bit.  This Rayon is made from tree cellulose, so it isn’t remotely synthetic. Rayon is a sustainable fabric, that imparts a goddess drape, and it is wonderfully breathable too. The name Rayon comes from ‘Rays of Light’ because the fabric is excellent at showing colours, without the need for hard dyes or softeners.

Desire Factor – The quality and fabric of a high fashion, designer label. This is a dress that will flatter all shapes and sizes, and it’s machine washable at 30 degrees.

Garment Details – Produced in a fair trade factory in Bali, Indonesia.

Sale Price £49.99 (Reduced from £65.55).

This dress is a stunning bargain.  Buy it now at Natural Collection Komodo Rayon Maxi Dresswww.naturalcollection.com


Aimee Cheri Chambray Dress By People Tree


A darling, Bardoesque crisp, 100% cotton summer dress to throw on, and go to the beach; or maybe a picnic, some promenading, or a relaxed date. It’s a dress that makes one daydream of ice cream and watching the world at play. I love the wonderfully detailed hand embroidery on the bodice, reminiscent of dresses I had as a child. It is hard to find such lovely, authentic detailing at such an amazing price. The dress is hand loomed at People Tree’s own Fairtrade garment factory, Swallows, and features detachable straps and side pockets.

Buy It Now Blue Chambray Dress  www.peopletree.co.uk  Price £40. 60 (30% off).     

You can see more gorgeous People Dress and brilliant value summer basics on  – Atterley Road – www.atterleyroad.com


More Delicious Dresses in the next few days!












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