t Lunch has never been chicer or more delicious at Dayleford Organic Farm Shop and Cafe in Pimlico, London Lunch has never been chicer or more delicious at Dayleford Organic Farm Shop and Cafe in Pimlico, London

A Chic Lunch at Daylesford Organic Cafe & Farmshop, in Pimlico, London.

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Daylesford Farmshop and Cafe Puts the Chic into Organic

Daylesford Farmshop and Cafe Puts the Chic into Organic

Review of Daylesford Organic Café, Pimlico By Rosemin Anderson

What & Where – Daylesford Organic Café and Farmshop, Pimlico

On a blustery Sunday I arrive solo for lunch at Daylesford Organic, a foodie haven in Pimlico, heralded by cute shrubbery and a “dog parking” sign out front.  Once inside, I am greeted by the mouth-watering vegetables and sleek marble worktops that line the farmshop. A quick wander towards the back of the shop and I am torn between gazing at the lovely-looking cheeses and the wines and meats on display. The atmosphere is upmarket rustic, and thoroughly enticing, reflecting Daylesford’s commitment to “a simple passion for real food”, offering culinary delights that are better for the environment, for humans and for animals.


What's On the Special Board at Daylesford Today

What’s On the Specials Board at Daylesford Today

Dining Room Style

Eager to taste the delectable goods on offer from the farm, I make my way upstairs to the quaint café. Daylesford’s Pimlico outlet was the first London branch of the renowned sustainable Daylesford Farm in Gloucestershire, founded by Lady Carole Bamford. It’s not difficult to see why the brand has done so well; the place is packed, with the queue winding its way down the stairs. Luckily for me, solo diners are seated at the neat trestle tables to fill in the gaps between parties.

Though I have to wait, the café has much to look at. The sweet windows have space enough for two to dine, providing couples with an adorable nook in which to eat. The pale wood décor and whitewashed walls are in keeping with the simple outlook of the brand. In one corner, cooking utensils for sale are artfully displayed, whilst in another Daylesford’s bath and home products are proudly on show.


A Delicious Lunch - Ham, Apple and Mustard Croquettes

A Delicious Lunch – Ham, Apple and Mustard Croquettes

The Lunch: Main course

It’s not long before I’m seated, and I have the perfect view of the specials board. I opt for the special main of the day: a ham, apple & mustard croquette, with roast shallot purée and savoy cabbage. As for drinks, I decide on the apple and elderflower organic juice, freshly squeezed at the juice bar. The staff are prompt and efficient, deftly placing people in vacant spots whilst attending to every customer. I note I’m not the only solo diner; there are several people tucking into the all-day breakfast option (which looks divine).

With fair speed, my dish arrives, and I’m pleased to see that the croquettes look fantastic. The exterior is crunchy, crisped to perfection, whilst the ham inside is wonderfully tender. The flavours meld easily, although there only seems to be a hint of mustard. The accompanying savoy cabbage and roast shallot purée is pleasant, though perhaps there isn’t enough to enjoy with the large croquettes.

The juice is tangy, sweet, and delicious alongside the savoury dish. I vow never to have juice from concentrate again.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Icecream

The Lunch: Dessert

Now for what is perhaps the most important part of the meal: dessert. It’s difficult to choose as the options all sounds amazing, but I finally settle on the sticky toffee pudding with pear, with a dollop of vanilla icecream on the side. A short wait, and a large portion is placed in front of me. Daylesford Organic has clearly grasped my personal concept of dessert and decided that a significant portion is definitely the way forward. I can see from other diners’ plates that other desserts are also large in size, and I heartily approve. The pudding is spongy and sticky – in short, lovely – and the vanilla icecream complements the flavours nicely.

Overall verdict:

I couldn’t praise the café enough. Daylesford Organic has brought sustainable produce to London, and with it, introduced fairly priced, delicious food that is highly popular. The simplicity of the concept is one of its strengths; the dishes aren’t the complex, miniscule portions of some organic restaurants. Instead, the food is hearty, and the café is a warm, thriving place where anyone can find something to their liking for breakfast and lunch.

Useful information:

Mains average price: £12

Desserts average price: £6

Average cost of two course lunch with soft drink: £24

Address: Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Café Pimlico, 44B Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8LP

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 10am-4pm.

Telephone number: 020 7881 8060

Website address:  www.daylesfordorganic.com

Extras: The shop offers meat, baked goods, grocery goods, fruit, vegetables, dairy, wine, a cooking shop, homeware and bath & body products. You can order food online, and take-away options are available for lunch.


Review by Rosemin Anderson for Ethical Hedonist Magazine. Edited By Alison Jane Reid. Copyright Alison Jane Reid/Rosemin Anderson. All rights reserved.


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