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Don’t Panic It’s Organic! The Ethical Hedonist Guide to Fabulous Hair By Alison Jane Reid

July 16, 2012 in Archive

The Ethical Hedonist Guide to Beautiful Hair By Alison Jane Reid

Welcome to The Exciting First Chapter of The Ethical Hedonist Guide To Beautiful Hair.
Some girls like manicures. Others are enthral to the sin qua non of a perfect maquillage or a sublime new shade of red lipstick. Not me. Now if you were to mention a maestro of hair or tell me that Karl Lagerfeld sent haughty beauties down the runway for winter 2012 with loose, undone buns; then my heart would begin to sigh and flutter with interest. I’m sure you all want to know that ponytails, wil ‘o’ wisp Victoriana chignons and sleek hair are all high on the style firmament for late summer into winter!
I’ve always been mad about my hair, ever since my mother used to spend school nights washing my hair and patiently winding strips of old cotton sheets into rag ribbons to produce glorious, shining, Little Women ringlets the next morning. I was lost in the wonder of such thrifty transformation.
For late summer and winter allure – hair is all about soft, period chignons and delicate ornamentation. This is nothing new. In ancient Greece women scraped their long hair back into a chignon and sprinkled it with gold powder, often adorning their hair with fresh flowers.
This is my love letter to a lifetime of messing around with my hair, all the great hairdressers I’ve met along the way, and all the lotions, gels and aromatic styling potions waiting to be discovered, and what they can do for you. I’m going to open my little green book and share my verdant green and organic hair secrets with you.
So what’s so special about a great stylist or having your hair coloured? – Why, if you need to ask, you haven’t found him or her yet. Let me spell it out for you – a great hairstylist offers the possibility of new, shinier more confident version of you – and a great way to loose a decade. If you don’t have the money for a swish salon visit, you can achieve great results at home too.
Take a look at my features on Daniel Galvin Junior – The King of Colour and Arash at Karine Jackson; both are extraordinary hair artists who spend their days making ordinary women look extraordinary.
What I found fascinating and inspiring when I was writing this guide, is that hairdressing is becoming greener and kinder to people and the fragile, rather over crowded planet we live on. After decades of using a plethora of seriously unpleasant and irritating chemicals from ammonia to SLES, perming solutions and parabens, hairdressers are throwing out the old model over concern for their own health and that of their customers.
In doing so, they are discovering that it is possible to achieve brilliant, if not more beautiful, exciting, long lasting results with gentle organic colour and styling serums, gels and sprays that are made with nature’s most fecund plant extracts and dynamic oils to nourish, restore and replenish the hair.
In the Renaissance aristocratic women of fashion didn’t just pluck their eyebrows, they plucked their entire hairline to create a fashionable high forehead – ouch!
It is also worth pointing out that the big hair companies spend most of their money on advertising, hype and celebrity endorsement and not so much on the ingredients that go into their products. The organic and natural model works on a very different principle. With the authentic natural and organic hair companies the mantra is people and the environment first. That means: quality, ingredients, ethics and formulations that nurture the body and the mind, and don’t cause irritation or strip the skin of its protective mantle. Small green companies don’t have the budgets for advertising and rely on happy customers and people power.
Do your homework, and choose ethical hair companies that are transparent and have certification for their organic ingredients and are entirely honest and transparent about their ethos and products. Companies like: Herb UK, Weleda, Faith in Nature, John Masters, Daniel Galvin Junior, Willow and Louise Galvin. You will be rewarded with colour, shampoos and styling gels of good quality, with a plethora of amazing, synergistic herbs, flowers and plants, all working in harmony to help you or your hairdresser to create sublime, tumbling, healthy locks that would delight Rapunzel!
Then bask in the difference and the gorgeous aromas, and above all enjoy the transformation!
Copyright Alison Jane Reid – July 2012

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Alison Jane Reid

Alison Jane Reid - Journalist, Editor & Emerald Princess of Slow, Sustainable Luxury Living - 18 year track record interviewing real icons for: The Times, The Lady, You, The Mirror and Country Life. Now leading her alluring fairtrade, emerald revolution - Don’t Miss Out - Have you joined The Ethical Hedonist set?

3 responses to “Don’t Panic It’s Organic! The Ethical Hedonist Guide to Fabulous Hair By Alison Jane Reid”

  1. Maria Hazzard says:

    After living with the Ethical Hedonist herself for a few days she is starting to drum into me the importance of going organic. Since meeting Alison, through her just introducing herb teas to me the once coffee addiction I shamefully had has been replaced with a variety of organic herbal teas and I thought I’d be hooked forever. It’s been 3 months and 2 weeks since my last ever coffee. Coffee is coffee but herbal teas are something else. The excitement when I discover a new flavour.
    Just as I am writing this Alison takes an empty plate of crisps away from me saying I can’t have anymore “I’m not supposed to be feeding you junk food it’s not good for your brain”. A week with Alison and she’ll change you for the better. She will have you eating strawberry pasta and broccoli milkshakes, without a hesitation, you’ll tuck in ! Whilst working for Alison, she has on a previous visit taken me to The Botanic Gardens, a tranquil sub-tropical eden. On my second visit, Alison insisted I tried out Bikram yoga in a secluded spot, the sun was shining on our faces and after a day of sitting staring at a laptop screen, it was the perfect way to unwind.

  2. Dianna says:

    Maria – you are the lucky one! Sounds like you have had a wonderful initiation into an organic lifestyle, no relapses now!

  3. The Objective Nihilist says:

    Despite having tried virtually every dry scalp treatment available on the high street without success, my faith in a chemical solution remained as strong as ever. So, when the Ethical Hedonist advised that I should “go organic” to cure my flakey scalp, I panicked! After all, how could something non-synthetic cure my ailment?

    As hard as it is, I must now say “OK, I was wrong!”. After a month of trying, at her suggestion, the Barefoot SOS shampoo & conditioner combination, I can report that my scalp is very much improved. And last night, in a moment of sanity, I threw away my vast collection of synthetic hair products and certainly won’t be going down that road again.

    So Ethical Hedonist, now that my hair’s fixed, how about that date?

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