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Let Them Eat Cake At Queens Park Farmers Market

April 6, 2012 in Archive

Queens Park Farmers Market, Salusbury Primary School, Salusbury Road, London, NW6 6RG. Every Sunday 10am – 2pm

Even on a drizzly Sunday morning at the end of March, Queens Park Farmers Market was bustling, a sign of just how amazing, colourful and enticing the stalls look.  Get there early, you don’t want to miss out on some of the delicious, inventive and wonderfully fresh produce on offer.

Foodie Stars at Queens Park Farmers Market –

Fresh organic vegetables, mouth-watering sausages cooked on-site served up with delicious roasted onions, vibrant soups and pestos, wonderfully indulgent cakes and creamy cheeses are just some of the highlights waiting to be appreciated.

The market is situated on the grounds of Salusbury Primary School and if the turn out on this cold morning is anything to go by it is proving a big hit with the locals.

Can you do a weekly shop?

Yes, you most certainly can.

The Best Stalls 

Batch Farm Cheesemakers

Creamy, fragrant, morish – these are just a few words that spring to mind after a visit to the Batch Farm Cheesemakers stall. It boasts wonderful cheddars matured at Batch Farm in Somerset ranging from six months to two years in age. The cheeses are laden with delicious herbs, garlic and even Marmite. Keep an eye out for the fragrant lavender cheddar – its mind-blowing! http://www.gouldscheddar.co.uk

Millwhites Cider

Deliciously refreshing ciders from the heart of Somerset. Matured in oak barrels the cider has a smoothness that can’t be found in its mass produced cousins. From the vibrant mixed scrumpy to the award-winning rum cask cider – the perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic in the park. http://www.millwhites.co.uk

Phil’s Pesto

Philip Stanley’s homemade pestos are the best I have ever tasted. I have vowed never to buy a jar of pesto again. The tangy coriander pesto, made with lime juice and almonds, is great with Phil’s fresh spelt pasta or drizzled on a salad. Also available are traditional, but fresh, basil pesto, rocket and harissa. Oh and the best bit, all the pestos are made with locally sourced organic ingredients.

Wild Country Organics

Look out for the Wild Country Organics stall. You can create your own salads from a variety of oriental and British leaves including pak choi, spring greens, claytonia and komatsuna or buy a pre mixed bag. http://www.wildco.co.uk



Food artistry for the soul – It certainly is. Popina’s hand made vegetarian sweet and savoury treats are all hand made in their London kitchen using ingredients from the Perry Court Farm stall. Try the creamy cheese and leek quiche or if you fancy something sweeter, the delicious chocolate marble cake. http://www.popina.co.uk


Ever tried a beetroot and hazelnut cake? Well you should. This masterful delight comes fresh from the kitchen in Kensal Green (that’s just up the road) handmade by Babycakes owner Susan Broom. Why not pick up a slice of the indulgent chocolate and Guinness cake or a hearty malted cupcake?

The Ethical Hedonist sent trainee journalist Amy North along to review Queen’s Park Farmer’s Market. Amy had not been to a London farmer’s market before and declared that she was both ‘impressed and excited by the range of delicious food on offer. It will definitely change my food shopping habits in the future. I would like to spend less time rushing around the supermarket and go back to Queen’s Park Market for some delicious staples. When I returned home from the market it was so exciting to look and taste all the amazing things I had  picked out with my friend Kim, it was such fun too.’

Editor’s note  What we really love about Queen’s Park Farmer’s is that it is is a certified market. Why does this matter? Because it is a guarantee that all the produce on offer  has been locally grown or produced and hasn’t come through wholesale companies or third parties. It is a guarantee of quality, provenance and authenticity -hooray!

The market is open every sunday from 10am to 2pm for more information http://www.lfm.org.uk

Review Amy North. Edited by Alison Jane Reid


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