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Hair by Daniel Galvin Jr – The Best Way For A Girl To Mislay A Decade

March 4, 2011 in Archive

A word of advice – never, ever come between a woman and her hairdresser! Seeing my organic hair alchemist is as vital as an hour of Bikram yoga and meditation. I’ve always had a hair salon habit. It’s how I recharge and relax in-between interviews with icons, and endless deadlines.

I skip over to see Daniel Galvin Junior, the Heathcliff of organic hairdressing, for three hours of blissful transformation at his wonderfully tranquil hair haven in ritzy Belgravia. (The only skipping was from Harvey Nicks, the rest of the journey was a trip down memory lane travelling on the No.9 Routemaster from Piccadilly Circus, – fact-checking Ed.)

Daniel Galvin Jr’s Belgravia Salon

Daniel is known as the King of Colour and, on my latest visit to see him, I was scolded over the state of my highlights. Daniel prescribed some lustrous slices of molten gold to create the careful illusion of two weeks exploring the islands of the Caribbean – without leaving home. The right shade of gold really does illuminate a pale English complexion, especially, after the icy blasts of winter, which can leave delicate features looking like Bella’s ghostly pallor in ‘Twilight’.

Daniel calls his colour artistry ‘cosmetics for the hair’; I call it a very clever way to mislay a decade. This is the best anti-ageing trick I know.

My hair was bathed in Daniel’s latest big idea – a sparkling detox spa of vitamins C and E to banish build-up and pollution, hydrate parched tresses, and make it gleam. This worked a treat. There was just time for a face-framing cut and super-glam blow dry before I left, feeling that I could do a very good impersonation of Lauren Bacall in ‘To Have and Have Not’.

Swishability factor? – Ten out of Ten!

DGJ Colour Save Range

Ethical-Hedonist Top Tip: Try Daniel’s DGJ Organic Apricot & Elderflower Colour Save shampoos and conditioners. I’ve noticed my colour lasts at least a week longer before the roots start to show. £4.59 – £4.99 for 250ml bottle. From Daniel Galvin Jnr, and Ocado, or Waitrose.

Daniel Galvin Jnr’s Green & Ethical Credentials:
Made in England (Queenborough, Kent)
Certified organic essential oils & extracts*
No nasty chemicals and synthetic products
Packaging can be recycled
* Daniel worked with The Soil Association to develop organic certification standards for Duchy Originals in the notoriously difficult hair product sector. Colour Save does not claim to be completely organic, (but as a guideline his Duchy Originals range of shampoos are made with 74% organic ingredients, and 86% in the conditioners) and a full list of ingredients is on the Ocado website.

 © Alison Jane Reid, March 2011
[Prices mentioned checked on 3rd March 2011]

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