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Amazing skin cream, pink nail polish, and a man on a Vespa…

February 13, 2011 in Archive

Winter can play havoc with skin, especially if you are prone to dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. Ten years ago I stumbled across Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Me Face and Body Cream formulated by homeopathic trailblazers Hilery Dorian and Jonathan Stallick. I found the Holy Grail of dry-skin balms in the beauty section of my local organic shop and I was amazed and impressed by its potent soothing and moisture drenching properties, and its remarkable ability to restore calm to damaged, inflamed and highly irritated skin. SOS worked immediately to break the insane itch, scratch, itch cycle!

I used it successfully to soothe and heal several very painful patches of contact dermatitis on my legs, which had mysteriously appeared after a salon wax, leaving my legs covered in bright, painful little red dots. Now I use it anywhere on my face and body to stop an itchy skin breakout and as an excellent winter face hydrator that leaves skin gleaming with radiance.

SOS cream is a wonderfully light, yet intensively emollient super cream packed with nature’s finest omega oils and plants extracts including borage oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil and mahonia to calm irritation and drench skin in moisture. Together, this dynamic, synergistic blend of healing plant extracts and oils works fast to sink into damaged skin tissue and offers instant first aid to the skin, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Several years ago, I sang its praises to my friend the fashion designer Maria Grachvogel. I remember her declaring rather forlornly that ‘nothing ever works for dry skin’; then she tried SOS. Now she is a convert. SOS offers a complete range of dry skin solutions from day cream to moisturising bath oil, a dry scalp shampoo and a barrier hand cream. The range is non-steroid, broad-spectrum and suitable for all types of skin conditions.

Lavera tinted moisturising cream


‘Pink is the navy blue of India’

, decreed the great fashion maven, Diana Vreeland. How right she is. If I am feeling even the slightest bit blue, I put on my very best pink dress, eat some very dark chocolate with uplifting, mood boosting rose oil and start painting my nails a divine shade of cerise or bubble gum pink in preparation for Spring. Then I can start daydreaming about clifftop picnics, clam Capri’s and posh fish ‘n’ chips beside the sea from The Haven at Ventnor on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Right now I rather like Orly’s darling pink nail colour in Oh Cabana Boy. Even better, it comes free from chemical nasties, especially DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. Then it’s time to find a man with a Vespa…   When I venture out, I will be wearing Lavera’s utterly gorgeous translucent tinted moisturizer – I can’t stand foundation; it always looks like a mask, and hides a woman’s true beauty and personality. I just want to be a dewy, flawless, organic goddess – especially on busy days when I don’t feel like one.

You can buy everything I have written about this week from my favourite neighbourhood shop and organic website: SoOrganic.com

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