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Amazing Ayurveda : Have You Discovered Pukka Herbs?

January 20, 2011 in Great British Brands

If you haven’t discovered Pukka Herbs, their amazing Ayurvedic supplements, and delicious life-enhancing teas,  then you are definitely missing out on simple, delicious, inspiring ways to revolutionise your health.

This small, perfectly formed ethical British company is the brains of medical herbalist Sebastian Pole and his business partner Tim Westwell. Sebastian (pictured above with fresh Bibhitaki fruits near Bangalore, Karnataka), is inspiring company and looks like a ‘sixties rock icon in ever-so slightly flared trousers, but try not to let that distract you. He is also a very fine practising medical herbalist, with a vast and inspiring knowledge of Ayurveda, the ancient medicine of India, and how it can be used in the West to promote vibrant health and wellbeing. There are three extraordinarily effective food supplements from Pukka Herbs, each certified organic by The Soil Association,  that I can’t  live without:

Organic Ashwaghandha – The Ginseng of India

The perfectly symetrical flower of a mature organic Ashwagandha plant
The roots of Ashwagandha have been used in Ayurveda for over 2000 years
Malarayappa, an organic Ashwagandha farmer from North Karnataka

[divider]Ashwagandha has a gentle anti viral action, and helps to boots the immune system. It is ideal for those times when life is particularly demanding, and you need some gentle, organic rocket fuel. Ashwaghanda is called the Ginseng of India, and has been used safely for centuries as a tonic and adaptogen, which is said to impart the strength of the stallion. Whilst I haven’t noticed any sudden equine tendencies, or a liking for hay or Kendal Mint Cake, Ashwaghanda does works in the most subtle way to increase stamina, energy and clarity and leaves me feeling very serene.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice – An Elixir of Life

My favourite nectar from Pukka is their Organic Aloe Vera Juice, which quickly became my inside-out elixir of life. Most aloe vera juice is made from the bitter outer leaf, which I find tastes awful, and also contains added preservatives, which I find irritating, and negates most of the benefits of drinking aloe. Pukka’s aloe vera juice is in a league of it’s own. The stuff is so good, I’ve developed a very naughty habit of swigging it neat, straight from the bottle! So does Sebastian – but you didn’t hear that from me.So what’s so good about aloe? Well, it’s like putting the finest engine oil into the body. It soothes and nourishes the nervous system and liver, acts as a very gentle laxative, works wonders on a delicate or sluggish digestion, lubricates joints, and is fantastic for your skin and hair. If you want to look and feel more beautiful – you need Pukka organic aloe juice.

Turmeric – The Clever Spice for Life

Finally, my third can’t live without discovery is miraculous Turmeric.  There is plenty of excitement about this antioxidant-rich, remarkable spice. Sebastian says: “Turmeric is a wonderful spice that should be used everyday. It is very useful remedy to help maintain healthy joints, circulation, and it’s a great skin beautifier, because it purifies the blood. It directly inhibits the enzymes that cause inflammation in the body and can be used wherever there is pain in the joints, shoulders and back.”Interestingly, scientists have also recently discovered that it has a preventive action with bowel cancer. I can tell you that it is also great for settling an upset stomach and has cleared up a nasty patch of dermatitis on my legs.To celebrate the brilliant powers of turmeric and Ashwaghanda, Sebastian has given me the recipe for one of his favourite drinks: Golden Milk. I can tell you that it tastes absolutely delicious and sent me off into a blissful, restful night’s sleep.

Sebastian Pole’s Golden Milk Drink Recipe:

1 cup almond or rice milk
2 tsp organic almond powder
2 cardamom pods
1/4 tsp turmeric
pinch of nutmegHeat, and add 1 tsp honey
Take with 1-2caps organic Ashwagandha at nightThis helps to nourish the nervous system, reproductive system and helps you sleep. Pure Bliss!Try it, and tell us what you think.

To buy any of the featured Pukka Herbs Products go to www.pukkaherbs.com

© Alison Jane Reid January 2011

The Indian name for Aloe Vera is ‘Kumari’ meaning ‘young maiden’, referring to the traditional belief in its rejuvenative powers
Aloe harvesters at work in Texas, where two or three leaves per plant are harvested by hand once a year on a sunny dry morning

The distinctive deep yellow of a freshly harvested turmeric rhizome
An organic Turmeric farmer in Sri Lanka shows the freshly harvested root

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5 responses to “Amazing Ayurveda : Have You Discovered Pukka Herbs?”

  1. Interesting ideas for new things to have a go at growing! It’s surprising how many good things are in quite common fruit and veg. Blackcurrants are as good as the fashionable goji berries, easy to grow, and taste much better, a great source of vitamins and other things I can’t remember now; also Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea) which I usually bring to the produce market, is rich in antioxidants among other things.


  2. Mr T says:

    Pukka Tea is fantastic – and doesn’t Sebastian look like Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords?

  3. Liz Chapman says:

    I LOVE Pukka teas – Relax is my fave, so delicious! Great company & ethos too…nice piece.

  4. Pukka Herbs says:

    great article! Seb as a 60’s rock icon, perfect, & you’ve picked some firm Pukka fav’s! Retweeting RIGHT NOW! Happy Fri 🙂

    The Pukka Family

  5. Hi Sebastian and Tim,

    Since meeting you guys, I have become really interested in Ayurveda, the ancient medicine of India. I love the fact the nature has most of the answers for radiant health and wellbeing. Then Pukka delivers nature’s medicine cabinet in the delicious form of teas, amazing superfoods and dynamic spices. And let’s not forget how pretty and cool the packaging is!

    So what’s next? Very Best Wishes, Ms Ethical Hedonist

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