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Instant Youth in a Bottle

January 2, 2011 in Great British Brands

I am always sceptical when I read about a beauty product that claims to work miracles. But, sometimes I do come across a remarkable beauty elixir in my job as a green journalist – and it is very exciting when it really makes a dramatic difference to the appearance of my skin.

So here I’m going to share one of my great insider tips to transform you into a stellar organic beauty, just in time for the Christmas party season: Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Instant Youth Serum and their Rosa Fina range for the face.

‘A beauty serum with an extraordinary “wow!” factor
 I can’t live without it’

This is a beauty elixir with an extraordinary “wow!” factor. I’ve used it for the past eight years. Once tried, it will become your ‘can’t-live-without-it’ beauty secret. It’s beautiful & luxurious to use, smells amazing, and works for all skin types. I use it when I want  to look great. Its botanical magic restores radiance to tired, ageing or dry skin, and the result is supple, hydrated, youthful-looking, radiant skin lit with a rose glow.

‘The really smart A-listers from Cameron Diaz to Rachel Weisz
are turning to organic beauty,for luminous, healthy skin
– and ditching the Botox and nasty chemical peels’

I absolutely love the scent of rose. Rose, in all its forms, has the power to uplift, to enchant, and to balance and restore the senses. Roses have been celebrated throughout history and throughout the world. The theraputic properties of the wild rose of Chile [Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa, called rosa mosqueta] go more than skin deep. Women living in the harsh conditions of the high Andes have long been renowned for having beautiful, smooth, wrinkle-free skin well into old age. Their secret: an oil pressed from the seeds of the wild rosehip. Scientists were fascinated by these old women having supple, beautiful skin, and discovered that the rosa mosqueta oil that they were using was exceptionally rich in unsaturated and essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 as well as naturally-occuring Vitamin A. In 1988, The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Concepcion carried out a two-year study on 180 patients with surgical, traumatic and post-burning scars, and a second group suffering from premature aging. They discovered that rosa mosqueta seed oil produced an effective regenerative action on the skin, and that continuous application of the oil effectively helped in attenuating scars and wrinkles, and in preventing the advancement of premature aging. Other studies followed looking at the clinical and theraputic uses of rosa mosqueta oil. 

These studies caused excitement amongst a handful of leading organic beauty pioneers, including Hilery Dorrian and Jonathan Stallick, two visionary homeopaths turned super natural skin gurus, who founded Barefoot Botanicals and formulated the Rosa Fina Instant Youth Serum. Their first class knowledge of how the dynamic properties of plants, herbs and flowers can work in synergy transforms skin that is tired, irritated or has simply lost its youthful radiance.

I remember the first time I tried Rosa Fina. I was going to dance my heart out the fabulous Guilty Pleasures Christmas Ball in Camden, and wanted translucent, goddess skin to match my fluttering lace and silk chiffon La Perla dress. So I tried the entire Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Beauty ritual for the face.

‘The most gentle, heavenly caress, like running through
summer rain softened with rose petals’

First, I cleansed using Nourishing Cleansing Milk, with soothing extracts of dandelion, aloe vera, witch-hazel and jojoba. Then used the utterly exquisite Facial Spritz. What a joy to use, especially if you have dry or mature skin or you just want to feel like a rosy-hued girl again, running through summer rain, strewn with rose petals. Take time to inhale the subtle, uplifting smell and wonderful aromas of rosa damascena, luscious plant extracts and essential oils. The experience is deeply restorative and uplifting, like the most gentle, heavenly caress. This is the most hydrating and emollient rich toner I have ever come across.

I completed this divine ritual with the Rosa Fina Instant Youth Serum. Just a few drops of this precious cream gently patted on to newly cleansed and toned face is utterly transforming. Within ten to fifteen minutes, skin becomes plump, clear, refined and dewy, with the most amazing youthful, rose glow, as if lit from within.

And then… prepare to bask in the compliments about how beautiful you look. 

Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Instant Youth Serum £34.95
Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Facial Spritz £15.95
Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Nourishing Cleansing Milk £19.95
All available online from SoOrganic

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  1. Julie Jones-Evans says:

    My secret beauty routine ? A cold shower followed by a facial infusion of Rosa Mosqueta oil. Lipstick, hair tousle and out the door !

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