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Lily’s Kitchen ‘Pops Up’

December 20, 2010 in Archive

Sunday afternoon, and His Majesty suggests an inspiring walk from Kennington to South Kensington to visit the V&A. On the way we venture through Pimlico Green, with its swish boutiques and lofty antique shops and, suddenly, our eyes are drawn to the most colourful, enticing pet emporium I have ever seen.

We wander inside and discover our friend Henrietta Morrison from Lily’s Kitchen has transformed an empty shop with a lick of white paint, bunting, and papers chain galore into a pop-up pets paradise – just in time for Christmas. I’ve never seen so many happy people busy stocking up on Lily’s Kitchen’s award winning holistic fare for discerning felines and pooches. Fancy goose and duck feast with fruits, or organic and chicken vegetable bake? Sounds just Yummy.

Henrietta has created thirteen recipes for cats and dogs, and each dish contains a balanced, nutritional feast of fresh organic meat, herbs, fruits, flowers and whole grains to boost immunity and wellbeing, and to keep our cherished, four-legged friends in bouncy, tip top condition.

As I wander around the most enchanting and colourful hangout for pets, complete with a chill-out area and flowerpots overflowing with therapeutic herbs; I quickly begin to feel that a dog’s life might be rather pleasant indeed! I also rather fancied the organic bedtime biscuits with soothing ingredients including whole organic oats, probiotic yoghurt, chamomile and passionflower. Shame they are only for pooches, and not busy humans.

Other instore attractions include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the passing pooch from the very tempting Lily’s Kitchen menu; a biscuit and a snooze by the fireplace, and try out a vintage dog bed; a belly rub bar and acupuncture station; and the opportunity to talk to a visiting herbalist about the best nutrition for your cat or dog.

Reluctantly, His Majesty manages to coax me out of Lily’s Kitchen, and on we go to the British Galleries at the V&A, where I sit and soak up the elegance and refinement of the lovely drawing room at No 11 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden – an early Georgian gem designed by the architect James Gibbs, in the mid 1720s. (For a brief comentary by designer David Mlinaric, click here.) With fifteen minutes to go before closing time, we make a quick dash to the famous V&A shop to take a look at Beautiful Soul’s covetable collection of jackets, reworked from vintage kimonos – they resemble beautiful pieces of wearable art, very V&A given its passion for the orient, and destined to be the fashion heirlooms of tomorrow.

If you are unable to attend Lily’s Pimlico Pop-Up, have a look for Lily’s Kitchen in your local Organic shop. They’ve won loads of awards for their oganic pet food, and Belle du Jour, our lovely organic rescue cat, adores Lily’s Kitchen chicken!

Lily’s Kitchen Diner 30 Pimlico Road, London SW1
Open daily until Thursday 23rd December 2010.


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