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YakTrax In The Snow

December 6, 2010 in Sustainable Fashion

The snow is incredibly pretty, I feel as I have been transported to Narnia, and as soon as it turns to ice  – lethal. For the past week The Ethical Hedonist has been pondering how to act with the nonchalance of a seasoned Snow Queen, and venture out in this surprise wonderland, without landing flat on her backside.

Then, just as I was thinking of investing in a sleigh and a brace of huskies, my friends at Celtic Sheepskin got in touch with news of a simple and utterly brilliant accessory to clip on to your flat-soled shoes or your beloved sheepskin boots – The Yaktrax Pro.

The what?, I hear you say. Yaktrax won’t turn you in one of those wild woolly animals that inhabit the snow-capped peaks of Tibet; but they will help you to move around on our icy, frozen pavements with the froideur and ease of Torvill & Dean.

The Yaktrax Pro is made up of lots of tough little high performance steel coils, on a neat little frame held in place by a high performance strap. Once in place, they provide instant traction and a firm grip, and transform the experience of walking on treacherous packed ice and show.  All you have to do is clip them on to your favourite, flat winter boots or shoes and off you go.  I am told that you can even run in them, but that might be taking things too far…


maybe not…


Colour: Black
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large : Size Chart
£19.99   Buy Me


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2 responses to “YakTrax In The Snow”

  1. Alexander Crum Ewing says:

    A footnote from The Office Manager:
    I trawled around the web a bit whilst The Ethical-Hedonist was writing this piece, looking for feedback and comments from people who’d bought Yaktrax.
    Celtic Sheepskin have done their homework well before stocking this, as The Yaktrax Pro has an excellent reputation for ‘doing exactly what it says on the tin’. You probably know how rare it is to find near-universal positive comments about something on the internet, a medium that enables the disgruntled to let vent and press ‘send’ or ‘publish’ when they have a bad experience – Well, the Yaktrax Pro is one of those rare products to judge by the response of people who have bought and used them.
    As an aside, a cheaper model, the Yaktrax Walker, is available through home shopping channels and online retailers. It is not regarded as durable, or as practical, as the Pro.

  2. Cass RB says:

    LOVE this post!! YakTrax literally saved my life during all the snow in December!

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