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Lucy Jay : Rising Star Designs Exquisite Silk Scarves Inspired by Cleopatra, Queen Of The Nile

November 30, 2010 in Slow Luxury Fashion

It’s hard not to feel a genuine rush of excitement when the eye first comes to rest on Lucy Jay’s extraordinary flights-of-fantasy scarf designs in silk jersey and alluring crepe de chine.

Jay has that rare ability as a designer to collide opposing ideas of pattern and colour with storytelling; and yet somehow arrive at a hypnotic and utterly desirable finale. All the more remarkable is that she creates work of such quality in a south-east London studio, without an illustrious fashion house behind her. That will soon change.

When it comes to Hermes, all the interest in their iconic silk squares mostly happens at the centre of the design. Lucy Jay breaks all the rules and creates a feast for the eyes and the wearer with not one but two, or even three, focal points, making her scarves wonderfully versatile and alluring in a way which feels modern and insouciant, – and a must have for the thrifty goddess.

Jay’s second collection is dazzling in its precision, and confidently inspired by the stuff of dreams and fantasises. Her current heroine? Cleopatra, the sultry Queen of the Nile.

“Her great beauty and successive conquests of the world’s most powerful men are my aesthetic. As a result, I hope my designs are kind to the eye, yet full of excitement.”

I particularly admire ‘Adam’ (above model in main image), her camouflage and heart scarf; a playful kaleidoscope of colours and the clash of classical and utility, all wrapped up by a striking black and white border, like the keys on a piano. Lucy explains:

“Most great scarf designers focus on the centre of the design, but I like to look at the border and make that more of the focus. So if you fold the scarf, you are more likely to see the blue hearts, or the black and white edge. I like to think that my scarves can be tied in a hundred different ways, according to mood, and how you decide to get dressed.”

Lucy Jay’s silk scarves range around £125


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  1. Alexander Crum Ewing says:

    Oh WOW! These are so amazingly colourful, it takes me back to my days at Bonhams and Ted’s “High Art” and Psychedelic Poster sales. I’m going to email him and suggest he buys Denise one for Christmas.

  2. Silk scarves says:

    Your example of silk scarves are very nice..

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