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How to achieve an Organic Bikini Body in Three Weeks

June 18, 2010 in Archive

This Week’s Object of Desire – Organic Pharmacy’s Resculpting Body Gel

Eureka! I’m thinking about changing nationality and becoming French or Italian in the fight against cellulite. For as Margo Marrone, the pharmacist and founder of The Organic Pharmacy tells me –“ British women see taking care of their bodies and having spa treatments as a guilty pleasure, not a necessity; whereas French and Italian women view a good body maintenance regime as a feminine right of passage, and therefore as fundamental as eating, drinking and breathing.”

Well, there is now no need to feel like the poor relation. I’m a big fan of Margo Marrone. She is a gifted, innovative chemist, and she is fast becoming the green and organic Estee Lauder, renowned for her pristine, organic beauty and skincare supplements that really do produce effective results.  Last year she formulated an in spa treatment for cellulite and weight loss using a green coffee extract, which gained quite a following for its visible improvement on those areas of a woman’s body which are frequently less than beautiful. Let’s be honest now. Who wouldn’t like to loose a few inches around the waist, thighs, bottom and upper arms; not to mention complete banishment of  the dreaded orange peel effect.

The good news, is that Margo has formulated a gel cream for use at home that confidently claims to improve the condition and texture of skin, breaking down fat cells and literally resculpting the body.  So, does it work?

Firstly, I need to tell you about the curious synergy of organic ingredients. I have never understood the masochistic pleasure of eating very hot chillies, and caffeine doesn’t do it for me either. This cream has both, in abundance, and I have become oddly addicted to the smell. I look forward to my daily ritual of applying this soft, luxuriant, aromatic cream, and I can only describe the experience as a thoroughly grown up, intoxicating pleasure. Did I expect it to work? – To be honest, I liked using it so much I didn’t care! So, I was faintly incredulous, when I immediately began to notice a definite tightening and smoothing effect on my legs, thighs and hips.

I’ve known Margo, virtually from day one at The Organic Pharmacy, and I believe her to be a very clever alchemist. She is fascinated by the dynamic properties of herbs, flowers and plants, and she knows how to harness their therapetic properties for beauty and vibrant health.

She spent two years carefully formulating this super natural cream and explains to me how it works. “ The key ingredient is Green Coffee. The caffeine in coffee activates an enzyme that stimulates the hydrolysis of fats into fatty acids and glycerol. Their elimination reduces the size of fat cells that give the skin its uneven and dimpled appearance. The second key ingredient is chilli. This increases the flow of blood, creating a thermogenic effect that literally heats up the skin. The heat generated increased the effects of the green coffee, and improves circulation allowing the body to eliminate the by products of hydrolysis more quickly.”

Margo recommends using the cream once a day, using gentle massage strokes and is confident users will experience  a 1-2 inch loss, especially around the tummy and thighs after three weeks.

My pale English limbs have been deprived of sun for more than seven months, and I am rather ashamed of them. After applying the gel they have certainly begun to appear noticeably sleeker, toned, and more supple, as if I have been very, very good indeed, and kept up my Bikram yoga practice every other day for weeks, and eschewed my favourite dark organic chocolate, none of which is true. I don’t think any cream alone, will give you a body like Elle Macpherson; but I do believe they can deliver a wonderful morale boost, and that they are very effective when combined with gentle exercise and an organic diet free of processed foods.

I am not going to suggest that you give up exercise for a life of indolence and sensuous organic spa visits; but I do think our continental cousins know a thing or two about cellulite, and now we have our own Organic  Beauty Guru to lead the way and show us how to enjoy taking care of the body, for  the sheer pleasure of being a woman.

Tip  To keep cellulite firmly at bay, add the Organic Pharmacy Detox tablets to your daily supplement regime..

Organic Pharmacy Body Resculpting Gel, £94.95



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