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All That Glitters… can also be Organic!

December 21, 2009 in Archive

I adore glitter and sparkle and shine. In my heart I am six all over again, and raiding my mother’s dressing up trunk. Life is never dull and ordinary when I have a slick of The Organic Pharmacy’s peacock blue Organic Glam shimmer dust to highlight my blue eyes. The desire to adorn the face and body with light reflecting colour is nothing new. The earliest cave paintings depict matchstick images with splashes of intense, iridescent particles of mica.

While I love to look like a Snow Queen, it’s crucial to opt for restrained flourishes; you don’t want to look like Mick Jagger during his Black and Blue phase.

I recently interviewed stellar makeup artist Jackie Tyson, who transformed The X-Factor’s Stacey Solomon from Eliza Doolittle into to a confident gilded goddess, and asked her for her top tips on how to wear glitter. Jackie’s advice is to remember the three L’s: Lips, Lids, and Lashes, but it is best to play up just one feature.

Lips: should be well conditioned. Take a soft toothbrush and gently brush the lips. Then apply a non-greasy lip balm such as Lush’s Honey Trap to exfoliate them. If it’s too greasy you colour won’t last. Lavera does a great high shine lip-gloss and there are four gorgeous shades to choose from.

Lids: for eyes, try Organic Glam’s alluring winter collection of Mineral Eye Jewels. Colours range from jade green to burnished gold and come with a domed applicator brush for ease of use and accuracy. Try not to use your fingers! – Unless you want to end up with glitter in all the wrong places. Apply to the lid in circular motions and for a more intense look apply a layer at a time rather than putting too much on all at once. Build up the colour on the lids for a longer-lasting finish. If you are feeling daring, and want to use loose glitter, apply a thin slick of Higher Nature’s Aloe Vera gel so the glitter doesn’t drop.

Lashes: Eylure do two great sparkle strip lashes in Glitterball and Stardust- great for taking your makeup from day to night. The trick with these is to let them stand out and not over do the look with lots more glitter and colour. Keep lips a frosted nude shade to make your eyes pop.

For a final flourish, there’s my own greatest discovery – Lavera’s delicate and utterly beguiling Silk Shimmer Cream with tiny particles of mica to impart a liberal sprinkling of angel dust on shoulders, décolleté and party limbs. Try it. It is truly the most glamorous organic beauty must have I have ever stumbled across. I found it in my lovely organic farm shop, Godshill Organics, on the Isle of Wight. But don’t worry you can find it in more accessible places like Fresh and Wild and Selfridges too. I also urge you to stockpile. I’ve heard a very alarming rumour that my absolute all-time favourite is to be discontinued in 2010. I will have to mount a campaign to save it.

If you prefer a more restrained approach, you can opt for some beautiful glitter varnish to replace a classical manicure. Try Zoya nail polish in natural nail colours. They are designed to be free of the most harmful and harsh ingredients (toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBO dibutyl phthalate), and provide the longest wear possible on natural nails.

For more tips from Jackie Tyson: www.jackietyson.co.uk

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