t I'm taking Princess Alison to Cornwall for a holiday next week. - Ethical Hedonist I'm taking Princess Alison to Cornwall for a holiday next week. - Ethical Hedonist

I’m taking Princess Alison to Cornwall for a holiday next week.

September 13, 2009 in Slow Travel

It will be ethical (of course) and mildly hedonistic. Indeed, we will be travelling first class on the Great Western Railway as an Advance Purchase ticket means that it is cheaper to travel in the luxury leather seats in first class, than in the burger-stained seats of cattle class.

There will be loads of things to see and do when we arrive in West Penwith. It is conceivable that the beautiful Alison will be shown around the sites featured in my forthcoming book on the area – which has some five-thousand years of history, before a conducted tour of the eateries in the area featued in the new edition of The Good Food Guide published to coincide with our vacation.

Update: I’m pleased to report that Alison found a thriving network of organic shops, cafes, delis, pubs, and farms in the Far West of Cormwall during our autumn break. You’ll be able to read first-hand accounts of The Mackerel Sky, The Cornish Hen, The Logan Rock PH, The Gurnard’s Head Hotel, The Beach Cafe, Abbey Hotel, Couisin Molly’s eggs, bartering wild food for breakfast, and much much more, in time to plan your spring holidays…

My book is not yet ready to buy from www.amazon.co.uk


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4 responses to “I’m taking Princess Alison to Cornwall for a holiday next week.”

  1. Emily says:

    Hello again to you both, I’m looking forward to reading your update on this years trip to west Penwith, but in the meantime, I thought I’d drop you a note of that recipe we discussed:
    To discourage fleas and mites on pets, mix:
    10 drops lavender
    10 drops rosemary
    10 drops tea tree
    into 100mls of carrier oil (whatever you’ve got to hand in the kitchen would do nicely)
    For a large dog, apply 10 drops to the collar, smaller (toy) dogs and cats need no more than 5 drops.
    All the very best,

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Hi Emily,

      Just a quick email to say hello. It was lovely to see you and thank you for sending us to the CornishKitchen. We had the most wonderful meal. I’ve not been well since I returned from Cornwall. Getting better now though. I will incorporate you flea collar remedy into a piece on our lovely cat soon.

      Hope all is well. Send me your news.AJX

  2. Billy Budis says:

    Hi Alison,
    We visited The Gurnard’s Head today with four friends from Brazil and enjoyed a very splendid lunch! Another ripping recommendation from those ethical hedonists ….!
    Billy & Kim

    • Alison Jane Reid says:

      Hi Billy and Kim,

      I am so happy you made it to The Gurnard’s Head. The location is amazing, the welcome laidback, and the food? Well, it would be hard to improve on the local plaice, with Bruce’s amazing gnocchi and roasted, baby tomatoes. Absolute perfection on a plate.
      Miss Ethical Hedonist

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