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Nature News

In the latest episode of Borneo Jungle Diaries…  our fearless  wildlife reporter, Aaron Bertie Gekoski, stays up very late indeed,

  This week, in the latest episode of Borneo Jungle Diaries, wildlife presenter, Aaron Berti Gekoski meets a rescued pangolin,

Wildlife presenter, Bertie Aaron Gekoski is back!  Don’t miss the first episode of Borneo Jungle Diaries. This time, Bertie meets

Calling all budding, amateur wildlife photographers and naturalists. Are you just wild about animals, wiggly wigglers and Painted Lady butterflies?

Fish lovers we bring you exciting news. Daniel Watson a greentec product designer, engineer and graduate of Glasgow University, has

  With half the UK’s wildlife gone in forty years, Mary Colwell, the BBC producer, author and environmental commentator is

  This week,  wildlife presenter Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski finds that the ranger tasks are getting tougher and more deadly,  as

    It isn’t an easy assignment, being an intrepid, wildlife reporter in Borneo. Filing stories from one of the

Steve Backshall, The Green 007! Raising Money for the World Land Trust in the Everest of Kayak Races this Easter!

Alison Jane meets Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski, a wildlife photo journalist and presenter for SZtv, with the charisma, chutpah and energy