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In our latest wild and wonderful Borneo wildlife tv adventure, Bertie stays up very late, on the trail of the

Trees can do pretty cool things, and they are critical in the fight to stop and reverse climate change. Community

Borneo’s Homeless Pygmy Elephants On the fringes of the Bornean jungle, Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski continues his training as a wildlife

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Borneo Wildlife Warriors: the Sun Bear Follow wildlife photojournalist, Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski, in his first assignment out of boot camp, as

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Aaron Bertie Gekoski is back  in the latest, action-packed episode of ‘Borneo Jungle Diaries’. This time ‘Bertie’ joins forces with

  In the latest episode of Borneo Jungle Diaries,  get set for a Pythonesque night to remember….They come in all

  KOTA KINABALU: Watch the latest episode of Borneo Jungle Diaries, as our fearless wildlife presenter, Bertie Gekoski, accompanies scientist

In the latest episode of Borneo Jungle Diaries…  our fearless  wildlife reporter, Aaron Bertie Gekoski, stays up very late indeed,